Watch Charlie Kirk Try to Fight Cenk Uygur at Politicon: ‘Come On Cenk, Let’s Go!’


Charlie Kirk, head of college grievance network TPUSA, absolutely lost it on The Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur during a debate at Politicon.

Kirk was stage on to debate Hasan Piker of Uygur’s progressive network, and challenged him to reveal his salary or “go live like a socialist.”

He then absolutely lost it when faced with heckling from Uygur.

“I live like a capitalist every single day Cenk!” Kirk shouted. “I live as a capitalist, okay!”

Kirk then leapt from his chair, as Piker and the moderator of the debate tried to calm things down.

“Come on Cenk let’s go!” Kirk yelled at Uygur, who could be seen standing in the small crowd, yelling back at him.

“What are you doing, sit down you psycho,” Piker pleaded. “Behave everyone, Jesus Christ.”

Kirk returned to his chair, but wasn’t finished: “I practice what I preach! You do not practice what you preach!” he bellowed.

Uygur later tweeted about the incident:

Here’s the full debate:

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