Convicted Ex-Trump Advisor George Papadopoulos Reportedly Hopes Fox News Will Get Him Back in Game


On Saturday, convicted ex-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos told his story to Fox News’ Jesse Watters.

It seems, though, that if he has his way, he may soon be on Fox News a lot more.

On Saturday, The Daily Beast reported that Papadopoulos appears to be on a mission to get back in the game and is getting chummy with Trump pal Sean Hannity to do it.

The Daily Beast reports:

A source close to Papadopoulos told The Daily Beast that the former Trump campaign figure has become chummy with Sean Hannity, one of Fox’s biggest stars and one of President Trump’s top confidants. Papadopoulos plans to be a guest on the show in the upcoming week.

Papadopoulos has also been active on Twitter and tweeted out about his appearance on Watters World, which actually aired on the 20th.

According to The Daily Beast, the convicted ex-advisor is looking for the media exposure and to social media to raise his pro-Trump profile and get his side of the story out.

He recently told the Daily Beast, “Whatever I post or say on TV is all backed up with evidence. I think a lot of questions will be answered after my testimony on the Hill. Regarding TV, [I] am just getting my story out there. It’s up to America to decide if they like what [I] am saying or not.”

That story involves claiming he was “set up” by intelligence.

“I think I was set up by Western Intelligence,” he told Watters. “I think most of  these meetings that I had encountered with were orchestrated, I don’t know by who.”

He is also shopping around a pro-Trump book.

The White House is aware of Papadopoulos jockeying for a higher profile and for a chance to tell his tale but appears to be unimpressed, with one official even calling the ex-Trump advisor a “clown trying to make a buck.”

Watch his Watters World appearance above, via Fox News

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