WATCH: Citizen’s Arrest Performed on Driver In London Pedestrian Crash

Earlier today, news broke that a car struck a number of pedestrians near London’s Natural History Museum. Of course, due to the recent history of vehicular-related terror attacks in Great Britain and Europe, there was immediate concern that this was yet another terrorist incident.

Hours after the crash occurred, Scotland Yard is stating that this is not being treated as a terror-related incident and instead as a road traffic investigation. It is being reported that 11 people were injured and nine were taken to the hospital, but thankfully, it appears there are no fatalities.

Video has now emerged of the immediate aftermath of the crash. In the clip, you can see at least three members of the public apprehend the driver of the vehicle and perform a citizen’s arrest. The man can be seen lying face-down on the pavement with the three people detaining him. A wrecked black Toyota Prius can be seen in the background.

Watch the clip above, via LBC.

[image via screengrab]

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