WATCH: Elmo Learns He Is Laid Off After Trump’s Budget Comes Out


A new video, taking target at PBS, satirizes Donald Trump‘s recent budget proposal.

There has been a lot of concern expressed over what could and will happen to public broadcasting during Trump’s presidency. Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney was able to defend the possible defunding of PBS by saying that coal-mining families and single mothers shouldn’t have to pay for it, but the immediate argument was, “Don’t they watch Sesame Street too?”

It didn’t take long for Jimmy Kimmel to release a mock-up of Big Bird getting laid off Apprentice-style, but for good measure, watch the video from “What’s Trending” above to see Elmo get the boot, too.

Watch as the little red critter and pal of Michaela Pereira wonders what will happen to his family and the health insurance that he needs for a pre-existing condition.

It isn’t just funny video companies who are skewering the president, either. Sesame Street had an episode about one Mr. “Donald Grump” back in 2005. The message of that episode? Don’t be greedy. Share what you have with people who need it. Don’t discriminate against people who look or act different.

Maybe that’s why Trump is going after PBS now.

UPDATE — 2:53 p.m. EST, March 21:

Resume-building site Enhancv mocked up a resume for the red monster (in a pretty savvy marketing display). Surely, that will help Elmo find new employment!

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