Sen. Kennedy Slams ‘Squid-Brained’ IRS Reporting Proposal: ‘President Xi Would be Proud’


Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) excoriated a “squid-brained” proposal for the Internal Revenue Service to begin monitoring Americans’ bank accounts, saying Democrats “just don’t trust Americans to make decisions.”

“Republicans aren’t perfect,” Kennedy said at a press conference with Senate Republicans, before throwing in a reference to Chinese President Xi Jinping. “This stuff is crazy. President Xi would be proud.”

Democrats on Tuesday modified an element of President Joe Biden’s spending legislation to propose that banks be required to inform the IRS of the amount of money entering accounts in excess of $10,000. Proponents say the plan would allow the feds to capture up to an additional $160 billion in tax revenue annually from unreported income.

But Kennedy, known around Washington for his colorful metaphors, questioned the motives behind the proposal.

“It’s not about public policy, and it’s not about taxes,” Kennedy said. “It’s about control. There are too many people in charge right now in Washington, D.C. who just don’t trust Americans to know what’s best for themselves. They just don’t trust Americans to make decisions for themselves. Their attitude seems to be, ‘Do what you’re told.’ … And if you do that, we might let you eat meat occasionally. This is another step in that direction.”

Watch above via Senate Republicans.

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