Dem Rep. Against ‘CRomnibus’: We Can’t Be ‘Intimidated’ by White House

Paul Ryan Responds to Sarah Palin Calling His Budget Plan a ‘Joke’

Mark Levin Trashes GOP on Fox over Budget Deal, Snipes at ‘Weak’ Boehner’s ‘Whining’

Mediaite Morning Reading List: Did the Shutdown Create the Budget Deal?

Stewart Praises Budget Deal: Hallelujah! A Break From All the ‘Congressional F*ckery!’

Conservative Groups Respond to Boehner: Still Waiting for Savings from ‘Two Debt Ceilings Ago’

‘Ridiculous!’: Boehner Goes Off on Conservative Groups for ‘Using Americans for Own Goals’

Mediaite Morning Reading List: Budget Deal, Unemployment, the Minimum Wage and More

Obama to Congress: Time to Ignore ‘Activists,’ ‘Bloggers,’ and ‘Talking Heads on Radio’

Grover Norquist And Bernie Sanders In Fiery Battle Over Exactly Why Obama’s Budget Is Awful

Business As Usual? Fox & Friends Finds ‘Glimmer Of Hope’ For GOP In Obama’s Budget Plan

The Song Remains The Same: Obama’s Budget Fails With The Usual ‘Tax and Spend’

Lindsey Graham Stunner On NBC: He Likes Some Of Obama’s Budget Proposals

Unreal: Senate Celebrates Passage Of Its First Budget In Four Years

Paul Ryan Trashes Democratic Budget On Fox: Their Definition Of Balance ‘Never, Ever Balances The Budget’

Paul Ryan Tells CBS’ Bob Schieffer ‘We Do Not Have A Debt Crisis’

John Boehner Tells ABC He Trusts Obama, Agrees Debt Is ‘Not An Immediate Problem’

Kirsten Powers On Media Reaction To Ryan Budget: Not A ‘Serious Exercise’, ‘Something To Gin Up The Base’

Maher And Maddow Battle GOP Panelist Over Ryan Budget: ‘Ballsy’ To Propose That After ‘You Get Your Ass Kicked’

Rachel Maddow Rips GOP And Paul Ryan For Continuing To Dredge Out 2012 Campaign ‘Lies’

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