WATCH LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Phoenix, AZ LIVE STREAM


President Donald Trump is holding another campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona tonight.

Trump will be speaking a day after his speech on Afghanistan and a week after his much-criticized comments during a press conference about Charlottesville and how there was blame on “both sides.”

The president received some plaudits for his speech last night, but tonight, in this very different setting, he’ll almost certainly enjoy going off the cuff.

There’s currently some question of whether he will take shots at Senator Jeff Flake. The Arizona Republican is up for reelection next year, and he’s being challenged by Republican Kelli Ward.

Trump boosted Ward and called Flake “toxic” in a tweet just last week:

Trump took a few shots at Flake on the campaign trail as well:

Flake said yesterday that he’s not worried about those attacks, and last week John McCain defended him:

And on top of all that, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has been asking the President not to come today, invoking Charlottesville and saying if Trump announces a pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it would “be viewed only as a presidential endorsement of the lawlessness and discrimination that terrorized Phoenix’s Latino community.”

But Trump will be speaking tonight, and you can watch live above, via Fox 10 Phoenix.

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