Tucker Carlson Hits the Southern Poverty Law Center: Their Work ‘By Definition, is Propaganda’


Conservatives have become increasingly weary what they see as an unfair and inconsistent labeling that Southern Poverty Law Center brings to groups, questioning if the intent of labeling a group a “hate group” is largely political. But just how reliable is SPLC in their adjudgment of what is and isn’t a hate group?

This was the question raised tonight on Tonight with Tucker Carlson, who not surprisingly, saw their work as “propaganda” by its very definition. The context? Enter Robert Spencer, noted author and director of the Jihad Watch website, which was recently labeled a hate group by SPLC. As a result, PayPal removed it’s payment links citing the “hate group.” He joined Tucker Carlson to lament the seeming fact that SPLC has the ability to shut down a business by calling it a “hate group” without any evidence in support.

Given the heated and racially charged political climate we find ourselves, the SPLC has been name checked quite liberally by many news outlets of late. Supporters of the SPLC believe that they do a valuable service by reliably identifying “hate groups” so that media outlets — and others — have a useful tool at their avail. Or as they claim on their website, “they monitor hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States and expose their activities to the public, the media and law enforcement.”

Spencer has long covered what he sees as a great threat that radical Islamist extremists pose on our society and as such added that “criticizing Islam has been set up as… the thing you must not touch in the American public square.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.


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