Watch Seth Meyers Skewer Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone Piece on El Chapo


On Late Night Monday, host Seth Meyers dedicated his desk segment to taking square aim at the bizarre circumstances surrounding actor Sean Penn‘s secret interview with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in Mexico.

“He bursts out of jail the way other people wear khakis on a Friday,” joked Meyers, referring to the seeming ease with which El Chapo has escaped authorities in the past. His last escape over the summer was part of an elaborate plan that involved a mile-long tunnel and a secretly-hidden motorbike.

Meyers mocked CNN’s coverage of the hotel that Mexican authorities reportedly brought the drug kingpin, asking “Is [CNN’s Martin Savage] reporting on the hotel or advertising for it?”. And when Meyers pivoted to reveal the Hollywood ambitions that El Chapo had to make a movie based on his life, the host played a little inside baseball; he joked, “So bad news, the El Chapo movie is probably on hold. But the good news is, if you want to see what it would have looked like, you can just edit together scenes of Scarface, Shawshank Redemption, and Horatio Sanz sketches,” referring to his longtime Saturday Night Live castmember and friend.

Meyers also criticized Penn’s involvement, and a passage in particular from his 10,000 word Rolling Stone piece:

Chapo puts his arm over my shoulder and renews his request that I see him in eight days. “I’ll be saying goodbye now,” he says. At this moment, I expel a minor traveler’s flatulence… We escape its subtle brume, and I join my colleagues inside the bungalow.

“That’s not how you describe a fart with a druglord! That’s how you describe a fart at a wine tasting,” joked Meyers.

Check out the above video from NBC.

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