Watch Trump Supporter Scream ‘F*ck Islam’ Right Before He Praises Jesus

Friday afternoon saw clashes between protesters and Donald Trump supporters outside a Trump rally in St. Louis, MO, which basically makes this a day ending in “y,” but with media attention mounting over the increased violence and tense atmosphere at Trump rallies, his supporters are under a microscope.

It can be a tough sale to hang the actions of random supporters on a candidate, but Trump has repeatedly given his seal of approval, and even incitement, from the stage, so he bears some responsibility for this sort of behavior. Raw Story has a roundup of social media video clips of various clashes outside today’s rally, but there were a couple that stood out.

For example, this guy, who has managed to find the most Trumpian way possible to praise Jesus:

Ayy, fuck Islam, Allah is a whore, Jesus is the most high God, and you bitches are done! (makes gun-fingers) Fuck you!

I guess he didn’t want to be politically correct.

Also of note is this clip in which a middle-aged Trump supporter calls a young woman (who says she’s 16 years old) “bitch,” and a younger Trumper calls her “whore”:

Aside from the content, this clip is noteworthy because it wasn’t shot by some liberal counter-protester, it was shot by Lachlan Markay of the conservative Free Beacon. You don’t shoot crowd footage unless you’re looking for this kind of thing, which demonstrates the strange bedfellows that Trump’s politics have made when a conservative paper is dredging the Republican frontrunner’s crowds for lunatics to show. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

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