Watch This Politician Tell a Reporter She’s a Bitch on Camera


Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4 has had quite the past few days. After they dug up some dirt on former Chairman Ron Buchanan, they sent a reporter to interview him. On camera, he called her a bitch. Following that, he resigned and Mayor Megan Barry ordered an audit of spending in the Davidson County Election Commission.

There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s start from the top. By their own account, Channel 4’s I-Team conducted two months of investigations and found Election Administrator Kent Wall engaging in “questionable spending” at restaurants and for office decorations, often paying for Buchanan’s meals. Using city-issued credit cards that are essentially taxpayers’ money in plastic form, the elected officials racked up bills at fancy restaurants and bought super-luxe decorations for Wall’s office.

As news teams do, the I-Team requested Wall’s credit card records. They didn’t hear back from him, but a month later, he was resigning and let them know the records would be available March 31. They wanted the records sooner, so Wall and Buchanan agreed to meet off-camera to discuss the scandal. When Buchanan agreed to provide a recorded statement, things got interesting.

Buchanan became sarcastic and rude with the reporter, Alanna Autler, claiming that the journalists were the only people who had any issue with the spending that Wall had resigned over. When she pressed him for clarification, Buchanan nailed his coffin shut.

That’s exactly the kind of bitch I thought you would be.

Watch the video above to see the moment and pay close attention to the way he looks right into the camera after saying it, almost as though he is wishing the people of Nashville a fond farewell.

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