WATCH: Trump Supporters Attack Two Men For Quietly Sitting with Protest Signs


During a campaign rally Wednesday night, Donald Trump‘s supporters once again decided to get aggressive with a couple of people who were not there to support the mogul. What was their egregious transgression? Sitting down, making no noise, and holding a pair of signs in their laps with messages contrary to the plutocrat’s narrative.

Video from the incident shows two men sitting at Trump’s rally in Lowell, Massachusetts. One man’s sign read “America’s Already Great” a take on Trump’s catchphrase, and while the other never fully appeared in frame, reported that it read “God Bless President Obama.”

While the video does not seem to show the men overtly attracting attention to themselves, two Trump supporters began accosting them, with one saying “Shut your mouth,” and the other going “You’re at a Trump rally? Ditch those! Ditch ’em!”

Shortly afterwards, the two men reached over to tear apart the signs while other onlookers joined the fray.

While the men protested that they did not start the confrontation, they were soon after led away by police at the event. Trump took notice of the fight towards the end, saying “Friend or foe, I don’t know.”

This, of course, is not the first time Trump’s audiences expressed satisfaction at dissenters being piled on. Previous incidents included a #BlackLivesMatter activist coming under attack, and a separate protester getting calls to be lit on fire.

Watch above, via Harrison Walsh’s YouTube account.

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