‘We Did It!’: Daily Show Satirizes Controversial Town Seal and Gets It Removed

“Is that pioneer choking that Native American dude to death or do I have something crazy in my eye?” asked heroine Jessica Williams on last night’s Daily Show. She was looking at the seal for a village in upstate New York that has received a whole lot of buzz in the last few weeks.

“This is the official seal of Whitesboro, New York,” explained Native American activist Ben Miller.

That was enough information for Williams, who headed upstate on one of her infamous investigations to check out the town and its seal for herself.

While upstate, she met “Whitesboro’s white mayor, Whitey McWhiterson Patrick O’Connor,” who insisted the seal was “absolutely not racist.” According to O’Connor, the event depicted was just a friendly wrestling match that ended up making his town’s founder really good pals with the American Indians.

Williams didn’t look very convinced, and when O’Connor went on to say that the town never held a vote on having a new seal because no one ever submitted an idea for a better one, she jumped at the chance to “submit some historically accurate seals that these white people might legitimately like!”

As mentioned, this story has really taken off in the last few weeks, and as it turns out, it’s all because of Williams, whose submissions led to the vote that led to the national coverage. Unfortunately, that vote didn’t turn out the way Williams envisioned: the people of Whitesboro voted to keep it. Some of them participated in on-camera interviews, casually using antiquated and offensive racial slurs as they cast their votes.

Once the segment ended, however, Williams was shown back in the studio with host Trevor Noah and she announced that since filming had wrapped upstate, the village had called to let her know that the seal is being officially changed.

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