…What?’: CNN Panel Sits in Silence After Trump’s Old Comments on Daughter Ivanka Play

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-11-32-amEarlier this weekend, it was revealed that Donald Trump once gave Howard Stern permission to refer to his daughter Ivanka Trump as “a piece of ass.” Trump’s relationship with his daughter has long made observers uncomfortable, so the Stern audio wasn’t as newsworthy for that as it was for how closely its release followed other leaked audio about women that had leaked only the day before.

On CNN’s State of the UnionJake Tapper and a panel played the tape…

…but couldn’t believe what they’d heard.

After a prolonged silence, Tapper said, “What?”

He followed that up by saying “dads and moms and daughters across America are like — ”

Patti Solis Doyle cut him off, telling him that sons, too, should be confused and offended by Trump happily referring to his daughter as “voluptuous” and chatting about whether she had gotten a breast enhancement.

“This is not gender-neutral,” she said.

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