Which Bloggers are Trashing Conservative WCPAC Conference?


This year’s Western Conservative Political Action Conference may best be remembered for John Ziegler’s unceremonious ejection, but the gathering has also prompted withering criticism across the blogosphere.  Can you guess which frothing Daily Kos blogger said this?

“It was as if a sample of the conservative movement was put in a petri dish, mixed with some steroids and allowed to grow over the weekend. The result was ugly.”

That quote isn’t from any liberal, but rather from conservative blogger and WCPAC attendee Melissa Clouthier.  But there’s more.

You know there’s something wrong with your conference when one of its sponsors, during a panel discussion, calls Ed Morrissey rude. Agree with him or not, Ed Morrissey is literally the nicest person I know.

Conservative blogger Stephen Kruiser sums up said sponsor, and perhaps the entire conference, thusly:

Christopher Carmouche (rhymes with…) began his thought vomiting by giving Ed Morrissey a hard time for blogging about the impeachment nonsense earlier in the day. He then proceeded to regale us with a tale about his distaste for Twitter and Facebook, complete with a “why can’t we just pick up the phone” line that he pulled out of both his ass and 1989.

…(Carmouche’s) organization charges people to send a fax to politicians. That’s right, a fax, by God! If the fax doesn’t do the trick you can order GrassTopsUSA’s premium service where they give you a stagecoach ride to Washington, D.C. and teach you how to churn butter outside your representative’s office until he or she pays attention to you.

The inclusion, on a “new media” panel, of a guy who doesn’t use Twitter, Facebook, or any other 21st century invention is indicative of the problem with the conference.  As Ed Morrissey observed, “The general theme of the conference appeared to be mainly a sales job for the personal benefit of the sponsors, and not the promotion of real conservative ideas.”

This certainly is consistent with the conference’s signature moment, the sight of John Ziegler offering ACU Chairman David Keene $20 to write something nice about Sarah Palin.

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