Woman Tweets about CNN Reporter She’d Never Met Bringing Her to Passover Celebration


On LinkedIn, James Masters is listed as a sports and news reporter for CNN. On Twitter, he’s more of a hero.

Check out this story from reporter Samantha Gross, who is currently in the UK and had nowhere to go for a Passover Seder this year:

Okay, now that you’ve read Gross’s tweets, let’s get into it all. We reached out to both of them and Masters said to go ahead and let Gross tell the story.

Gross explained to us that since she’s been “quite busy” lately, she had no plans for the holiday other than what she said in her tweets, which was that she planned to “steer clear of bread, mope about it and maybe feel one or two healthy pangs of guilt.”

Still, she has some experience being away from home for the holiday. Gross attends university in Boston, where she has spent a few Passovers with the Jewish student organization on campus. She pointed out, however, that their seders “are nice, but nothing like the lively, rambunctious family meals” she had back home.

Obviously, for someone used to a “lively, rambunctious” meal for the holiday, being alone can be tough, so we here at Mediaite are glad she and Masters found one another, especially since Gross said they’ve still been in contact and she expects to stay friends for a long time.

Chag Sameach, everyone!

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