Wordsmith Mike Huckabee Slams Obamacare by Calling It a ‘Dead Beached Whale’


huckabeeThe Twitter account for former Arkansas governor/GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is slightly unusual. While most elected officials may rely on some team of hip millennials to handle their social media accounts, it would appear as if the Huck himself thinks of verbal nuggets of goodness and hits the “SEND” button with reckless abandon.

Take this recent example from earlier this week, where Huckabee expressed his feigned outrage at The New Yorker‘s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President.

Dracula endorsed blood banks? He’s a regular Rupert Pupkin.

Or there’s this recent roundhouse from his Twitter feed comparing a Donald Trump speech to a brutal blow from Chuck Norris.

One more from the archives, this one compliments of the Vice Presidential Debate earlier this month in Farmville, Virginia (this one’s actually pretty funny):

And this morning, the Huck is at it again, this time taking out his ire on Obama’s Affordable Care Act and its soaring premium costs for many Americans.

It would appear that he has taken on Donald Trump’s use of the single word exclamations (Sad! Mad! Dopey!) in his cetacean-related dropkick.

Never change, Governor. What will his Twitter account look like if/when Donald Trump loses on November 8th? I’m thinking something along the lines of “This election was so ‘fixed’ I could have sworn I heard Bob Barker warn people about it at the end of Price Is Right!”

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