Would Caitlyn Jenner Run For Office? The Answer May Surprise You…


Very soon, you may hear your favorite news reporters referring to Caitlyn Jenner as “the junior Senator from California.”

Well, maybe not. She has yet to decide if she really will run for office — let alone what office it might be — but in conversation with Don Lemon on CNN Tonight last night, she seemed pretty interested.

Here’s what the Olympian and reality star had to say when asked about a future role within our nation’s government during the same interview in which she reported she has yet to regret voting for Donald Trump:

At first, I thought I would never run for office. Why? Because I got way too many secrets and, you know, because I’ve talked to Republican groups before and they all go after your speech and this and that.  My God, you should run for office.  And I have to look — now, I have no more secrets. They’re all out. I got nothing, you know, that the media couldn’t go crazy because they know everything. Yes. I would have to look over the next year or two, and look and see, can I do a better job on the outside, or am I in a position now that I can do a better job for my community on the inside?

You’ll recall that Jenner had floated the idea of being a “trans ambassador” in a potential Ted Cruz presidency. When Trump rolled back protections for trans kids earlier this year, she urged him, “Call me.” Kim Kardashian, one of Jenner’s step-kids, even credited her with helping her decide who to vote for in 2016, though Kardashian and Jenner ended up voting for different candidates.

If the Kardashians can be authors, models, entrepreneurs, show hosts, spokespeople, designers, managers, and activists, Jenner can certainly be a congresswoman or senator. Actually, she could be a governor or president one day. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger or even Trump himself.

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