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WSJ Editorial Board Strikes Back at Trump: ‘We Haven’t Had This Much Fun…’

wsjThe Wall Street Journal is firing back against Donald Trump after he unleashed a tweetstorm on them yesterday. After the Journal––one of the partners in this week’s GOP debate––posted an editorial questioning some of what Trump said at the debate, Trump angrily tweeted that they got their facts wrong and are “dummies” and owe him an apology.

The Journal editorial board responded with a semi-mocking piece that starts out by saying, “Being attacked by Donald Trump is one of journalism’s more exhilarating experiences… We haven’t had this much fun since Eliot Spitzer left office.”

Trump insisted he knew that China was not part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership yet, but the editorial board said they never said he didn’t, just that overall Trump has no idea what’s actually in it.

Here’s part of what they said to give you some idea of how sharp a rebuttal this was:

So when he is asked about TPP, Mr. Trump’s first reference is to China, which isn’t in TPP, and he now says the world should have known that he knows China isn’t part of it because amid his word salad he said that the deal “was designed for China to come in, as they always do, through the back door”…

As for currency manipulation, we gave Mr. Trump a forum for his views in our pages on Tuesday. He doesn’t understand currencies any better than he does TPP.

And now let’s all just wait for the next Trump tweetstorm, which should be any minute now…

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