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‘You Sick Fraud’: Magazine Editor Called Out for Hypocrisy After Accusing Others of Sexism

The editor-in-chief of women’s magazine Marie Claire bit off more than she could chew Monday when she attacked a conservative blogger for “shaming women,” only to be barraged with examples of much worse shaming on her part.

It all began when Stephen Miller, tweeted out a joke about pop star Madonna.

For the uninitiated, that’s a reference to a recent Game of Thrones episode that revealed that a beautiful, character has maintained her youthful beauty by wearing a magical necklace. The second image is what she looks like without the necklace, the first image is obviously Madonna. So the joke in essence is that Madonna should not be that beautiful for a 57-year-old woman.

That tweet prompted a rather out-of-the-blue chewing out of Miller from Marie Claire‘s Lea Goldman.

But that got turned on its head when Miller and his supporters began digging up examples of Goldman attacking women for their appearance. Just the day before, Goldman mocked the appearance of another female Game of Thrones character.

Lea 4

And then there was the time she attacked actress Sarah Hyland for showing too much cleavage on the red carpet.

But the worst instance when Goldman apparently took a picture of a random obese woman to mock on Twitter.

Lea 3

In response to the tweets pointing out her own body-shaming, Goldman saw the error of her ways and apologized and ha ha of course she didn’t, she doubled down and played the victim.

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