You’ll Never Guess Which 2016 Candidate’s Facebook Fans Have the Worst Grammar


Donald Trump may no longer be the most-liked 2016 candidate on Facebook — that honor has been handed over to Ben Carson — but his Facebook commenters do top a new survey out this week: Most grammar mistakes.

The Grammarly app, which claims to check your writing for “10 times more mistakes than Microsoft Word®,” put out a study this week of the comments posted on each presidential candidate’s Facebook page. And Trump’s commenters win with a whopping 12.6 mistakes per 100 words.

Democratic candidate Lincoln Chafee’s commenters make the fewest mistakes, 3.1 per 100 words, though the overall sample size is much, much smaller (about 9,800 fans for Chafee vs. more than 3.9 million for Trump).

In general, people who comment on Democratic candidates’ pages have much better grammar than their Republican counterparts. Overall, the Republican side makes an average of 8.7 mistakes per 100 words, while the Democrats make just 4.2. And at 6.3 mistakes per 100 words, the Republican with the least errors on her page, Carly Fiorina, matches the Democrat with the most: Hillary Clinton.

Grammarly explained that they took a “large sample of Facebook comments containing at least fifteen words from each candidate’s official page between April, 2015 and August, 2015,” and then after filtering out strictly negative comments, “randomly selected at least 180 of these positive and neutral comments (~6,000 words) to analyze for each candidate.”

They then focused in on “black-and-white mistakes such as misspellings, wrong and missing punctuation, misused or missing words, and subject-verb disagreement” while ignoring “stylistic variations such as the use of common slang words, serial comma usage, and the use of numerals instead of spelled-out numbers.”

See the full breakdown in the graphic below, via Grammarly:


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