Young Turks Host Says Meghan McCain Harms Women Who Aren’t ‘White and Privileged’ By Hiding Her Abortion Beliefs

The Young Turks host Ana Kasparian said The View host Meghan McCain is harming women who aren’t “wealthy” or “white and privileged” by publicly “lying” about McCain’s own beliefs on abortion.

On the latest edition of The Young Turks, Kasparian and co-host Brooke Thomas devoted a segment to slamming McCain over a recent The View segment during which she appeared to complain about her role as the voice of “unpopular” opinion on the show.

Toward the end of the segment, Thomas said that McCain was “acting like such the victim, you know, I come out of my apartment every day and I do this, as if she’s not getting paid, I’m sure, more than a million dollars a year to be on a television show, and that’s a privilege and a blessing.:

Thomas also said that McCain “sat on national television and perpetuated the stereotype of the scary black Muslim woman, and cried doing so, and has refused on multiple outlets to acknowledge that and apologize,” a reference to McCain’s remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI).

“And you also just brazenly lie about your real position on reproductive rights,” Kasparian said, referencing an accusation she made about McCain last week.

“What you are doing publicly advocates for something that you don’t agree with privately,” Kasparian said, “but also really does harm the lives of so many women, many of whom are not wealthy, many of whom are not white and privileged, many of whom are already in a low socioeconomic status, and are going to be harmed even further by being forced to have children that they can’t afford.”

“But you don’t care,” Kasparian continued. “Conservative brownie points are much more important to her, and appealing to certain people is much more important to her. No, why don’t you be true to yourself, and be abundantly clear about you what you really think about reproductive rights.”

“I think if you want to be a real shero, what she’s trying to make herself out to be in these segments, it would be heroic to go against the grain of this Republican party, and tell the truth about what women are really going to go through.”

Kasparian has said, in the past, that she’s had private conversations with Meghan McCain in which McCain expressed different beliefs on abortion than she espouses publicly, but has thus far declined to say what those are.

Watch the full segment above, via TYT.

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