‘You’re a Piece of Sh*t’: Smerconish Plays Angry Phone Calls on CNN

On CNN Saturday, media guru Michael Smerconish took to the airwaves to dissect that curious phenomenon known as the Trump voter.

Smerconish expressed his sadness over how Trump supporters were reacting the increasingly smoking gun revelations that Donald Trump Jr. colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign in order to undermine the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

He singled out his own radio audience for a finger wagging.

“As I’ve updated my radio audience on those developments, I’ve been careful to balance my coverage with perspective from the right,” he said. “On Monday after my new summary, the phone lines quickly filled. First up was a caller who told me I should be ashamed of myself because I spent time on the latest bombshell from the New York Times. Notwithstanding, I balanced it with a view from the New York Post. The fist caller was Brad. He was from Iowa.”

Smerconish played Brad’s angry call to him, during which he blasted the CNN anchor.

“I thought you were better than this,” he said. “Keep kicking that dead dog.”

Smerconish defended himself — but things only got worse from there.

“The only thing I’m angry about Trump is he hasn’t arrested that witch yet. She should be in cuffs,” said Mark from Massachusetts, referring to Hillary Clinton. “You’re an establishment asshole. That’s all. That’s all you are, you’re a piece of shit.”

Smerconish said the calls were revealing and warned that Trump’s base was not prepared to abandon him just yet.

“So if you think the Donald Trump Jr. story is the one which changes supporter minds, you might want to think again. My experience reminded me of candidate Donald Trump saying he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose his base.”

[image via screengrab]

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