Fox News Uncovers Photo of Joe and Hunter Biden With Board Member of Ukrainian Company


Fox News presenter Kristin Fisher reported on a photo, Tuesday, showing former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden with his son Hunter Biden and Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings board member Devon Archer.

“This is a photo that was obtained by Tucker Carlson Tonight allegedly showing former Vice President Joe Biden and son Hunter golfing, or at least on a golf course, with Devon Archer who served on the board of that Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings with Hunter,” reported Fisher.

She continued, “Biden’s son was hired by the company in July 2014 while his father was vice president. At the time, the Obama White House said there was no conflict because the younger Biden was a private citizen, and so far there has been no evidence of wrongdoing by either Biden. Earlier this month the former VP said that he never discussed his son’s foreign business dealings with him.”

“But the photograph will likely only fuel the president and his allies who are calling and have been calling for quite some time for an investigation into the Biden family’s ties to Ukraine,” Fisher explained. “The issue, of course, is now at the center of the Democrats’ impeachment effort after a whistleblower blew the lid on President Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine, in which Mr. Trump asked him to investigate his potential 2020 opponent.”

Fisher added that, “Fox has reached out to the Biden campaign to see if we could get a response about this new photograph, but so far, the only thing they told us, and this is coming from a spokesperson from the campaign, this person said: ‘No comment.'”

Watch above via Fox News.

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