Fox’s Dagen McDowell Slams ‘Rich People’ Willing to Commit Crimes to Get Their ‘Idiot’ Kids Into College

Fox Business’ Dagen McDowell slammed the parents of “idiot children” who she said were willing to shell out big bucks to avoid being embarrassed by their offspring unable to earn admission to elite schools on their own.

McDowell’s comments came during a conversation on the latest development in the college admission scandal.

Host Maria Bartiromo started the ball rolling by saying one of most high profile parents involved, Lori Laughlin, still will not admit to anything.

“That is a problem,” Bartiromo said.

Then speaking of the college admission scandal she added: “I think it has put a sting throughout academia.”

That is when McDowell chimed in.

“The parents of idiot children who they were embarrassed by had to pay massive amounts of dollars and basically commit crimes to get their kids into school,” she said. “Just appalling.”

She continued on: “Like, if the kid is so stupid they can’t get into Yale or USC why does it matter?”

Then referring specifically to Laughlin’s daughter McDowell added: “Again their daughter, who they got into USC, she already had a booming social media business. What does a degree matter?”

Finally, driving her point home, McDowell said this about why Laughlin shelled out the money to get her kid into USC.

“They were embarrassed by her clearly, they wanted that USC diploma so they could brag about it to their friends,” she said. “It’s just the crazy world of Hollyweird and rich people.”

Watch above, via Fox Business

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