‘He Can’t Win’: Trump Throws Cold Water on ‘Very Unlikely’ Ticket with DeSantis as Running Mate


Former President Donald Trump all but extinguished any thoughts of a 2024 Republican ticket with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his vice presidential nominee.

Unlike Trump, DeSantis has yet to announce a 2024 bid, though many expect him to. The former president was reacting to the governor’s appearance on Newsmax Thursday day night, where he was asked if he’d ever consider being Trump’s vice presidential running mate – if it came to that.

“I think I’m probably more of an executive guy,” DeSantis replied. “I think that you wanna be able to do things. That’s part of the reason I got into this job, is because we have action. We’re able to make things happen, and I think that’s probably what I’m best suited for.”

On Friday, Trump told Newsmax the idea that he would ask DeSantis to be his veep is “very unlikely.”

“Was that ever an option for you?” host Rob Schmitt asked Trump.

“No, I never thought of it,” he answered. “I think that we have a lot of great people in the Republican Party. I never thought of it. But you know, some people every once in a while mention it, but that’s about it. No, I think that would be a very unlikely alliance.”

Trump once again took credit for DeSantis’s rise in the GOP after endorsing him for his current position in 2018.

“Look, I appointed him,” he continued. “He was failing badly in the polls. He was out of politics. He was going to be out of politics and I endorsed him. And he went from a very small number to a very high number.”

The former president again attacked DeSantis over his past support for raising the eligibility age to receive Social Security.

“If you look at his record, he can’t win because he voted against Social Security,” Trump added. “I mean, he voted against things that are so, so important. Medicare, he voted against Medicare. He wanted to raise the age substantially for people getting Social Security.”

Trump went on that DeSantis is an acolyte of former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, which in modern conservative politics is far from a compliment.

Watch above via Newsmax.

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