James Comer Put on the Run By a Newsmax Host Wanting to Know Why Hunter Biden Hasn’t Been Subpoenaed


House Republicans got their wish yesterday when Speaker Kevin McCarthy launched an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden despite the lack of evidence of wrongdoing and a possible lack of votes backing the inquiry. That hasn’t stopped the representatives who have been pushing for the impeachment to push their claims on right-leaning news outlets. But when House Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) appeared on Newsmax, he was faced with a pretty simple question: Why not just issue a subpoena to Hunter Biden?

Comer has been obsessively pushing the idea that the younger Biden’s allegedly shady business dealings are somehow connected to his father while the latter was vice president. But he has been unable to produce any evidence after months of investigating. One thing that would surely provide him some information would be testimony from Hunter Biden in front of Congress. Newsmax host Rob Finnerty asked Comer this very question, but Comer made excuses instead of providing an answer:

Finnerty: But, Congressman, why not subpoena him and have him testify on Capitol Hill, even if he doesn’t say anything? That’s going to be uncomfortable for the president to have his son testifying on the Hill.

Comer: Right. Well, when I announced the investigation early on, I said we’re going to follow the money. And Hunter Biden is more than welcome to come in front of the committee. If he wants to clear his good name, if he wants to come and say, you know, these weren’t 20 shell companies, they actually did something, he’s more than, he’s invited today.

Finnerty: But he’s not going to he’s not going to volunteer to do that. We both know that. But if you subpoena him, he then has to.

Comer: Well, he can fight the subpoena in court. It’s very difficult. You know, I think if it were easy to get a president or their son in front of a House committee, the January 6 Committee probably would have done that with [former President] Donald Trump.

Finnerty: Good point. Although son’s different, everyone always says Hunter Biden is a private citizen. So it’s not like you’re you’re subpoenaing Joe Biden right now.

Comer: But what we found in the last few weeks is he was communicating back and forth with the government about Ukrainian policy, which is a huge problem for Joe Biden. Look, I would say we will get to the point very soon where we subpoena Hunter Biden. But at this point right now, I just want the bank records because we’re following the money, and our concern is that Joe Biden was, in fact, benefiting from these schemes, from these illegal, corrupt activities of his son and brother.

Watch the video above via Newsmax.

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