James Comey: AG Barr ‘Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt’ on Mueller Report


Former FBI Director James Comey said people should give Attorney General William Barr the “benefit of the doubt” when it comes to the report from Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Barr says he will be releasing the report, with some redactions, by mid-April or sooner. Democrats in Congress are worried Barr will unnecessarily redact information that could be damaging or embarrassing to Trump.

“I can’t say for sure until we see it. Those are reasonable concerns for Democrats to have, but Bill Barr, our attorney general, deserves the benefit of the doubt,” Comey said. “Give him a chance to show us what he feels like he can’t show us. I have to imagine that former director Mueller wrote the report with an eye towards it being public some day, so I can’t imagine a lot needs to be cut off of it, but let’s wait and see. The attorney general deserves that chance.”

“What is normal redactions in cases like this? I mean, you must have seen a lot of this in your tenure and in all your positions. I mean, you know, the jokes are that it will all be redacted except for a couple of words. You just said give him the benefit of the doubt. But what should one expect beyond what he just said,” CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked.

“You should expect a good faith effort by the department of justice to protect things in those categories, you don’t want to reveal classified information,” Comey replied. “You don’t want to damage ongoing investigations and you don’t want to smear people who had no part in the investigation, but that’s all easy to figure out if you know the case as, Mueller’s people do.”

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