Jeb Bush Slams ‘Biased’ BBC: ‘Incredibly Rude’ to Conservatives, ‘All Paid For by UK Taxpayers’


Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and President Donald Trump’s 2016 punching bag, slammed the BBC, calling it a “biased” news source that’s “incredibly rude” to conservatives on Thursday.

“Every time I visit London, I am amazed how biased UK political coverage is by the BBC,” wrote Bush on Twitter. “Plus, they are incredibly rude to Conservative MPs.”

“All paid for by UK taxpayers,” he continued, adding, “I enjoy their world coverage but why the vitriol when it is about UK politics?”

British Labour Party MP David Lammy quickly responded to Bush’s tweet, using it to cite “the importance of defending” the BBC.

“Whatever problems we have with the BBC (and I have a few!), Jeb’s tweet shows the importance of defending it,” Lammy declared. “It’s far from perfect, but the BBC holds politicians from all parties to account. We do not want to end up with the preening, right wing sycophancy of Fox News in the UK.”

BBC News journalist Mike Hills also shot back at Bush by referencing one of the most talked-about moments of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary– when Bush asked his audience to “please clap” for him.

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