Liz Cheney Hits Mark Levin For Saying Trump’s Fake Electors Plot ‘Wasn’t Criminal’: ‘It Was Illegal… None of This is Ambiguous’


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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) ripped into Fox News host Mark Levin on Twitter Tuesday after he said a plot to keep former President Donald Trump in power in 2020 was not “criminal.”

Media Matters hit Levin with a piece Monday which chronicled a commentary he delivered on Sunday’s edition of Life, Liberty & Levin.

The piece was headlined: “Mark Levin passionately defends Trump’s fake electors scheme: ‘You might think it’s weird, you might think it’s unethical, but it’s not a crime.”

On his show, Levin argued the scheme was political, and not criminal. He said:

That is not a crime either. You might not like it. You might think it’s weird, you might think it’s unethical, but it’s not a crime. So to criminalize politics, to criminalize many of these things that have gone on in this country through its history, to completely misunderstand what the Electoral College is all about.

Levin shared the reporting from Media Matters and lashed out at the media watchdog group.

“Uh, I said it wasn’t criminal, assh*les; I didn’t passionately defend it,” Levin wrote. “I don’t know how much Soros is paying you dolts but your association with him has ruined you clowns forever.”

Levin’s tweet apparently inspired Cheney to get involved. In a trio of tweets directed at Levin, she invoked the scheme, the Jan. 6 House select committee’s hearings, and statements made by former Trump attorney John Eastman.

Politico’s Kyle Cheney noted the connection between Eastman and Levin in March:

Among the 600 emails Eastman is arguing to shield from the Jan. 6 aelect committee are 12 that appear to be with Fox host Mark Levin, who he describes (without naming) as a “dual role” attorney/media figure.

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