Maxine Waters Under Fire For Accusing Trump of Provoking Iran: Don’t ‘Pretend Innocence’


Rep. Maxine Waters finds herself on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism after she tweeted her own rebuke of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy on Iran.

Last week an American drone was downed by Iranian military forces, which almost spawned a retaliatory strike by US Military. On Friday, Trump tweeted that the attack was “cocked and loaded” but called off the strike — and the potential deaths of 150 Iranians — was not proportional to the downing of an unmanned strike.

Waters called out Trump for “stopping” a strike against Iran and siding with Iran’s claim that the American drone was in Iranian airspace. U.S. military officials, however, have steadfastly claimed that the downed drone was in International air space. Water tweeted:

Waters curious siding with an American foreign policy adversary caught the attention of many on Twitter, but most notably the eye of Republican Freshman Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who responded in kind:

On Monday, President Trump announced new sanctions during an Oval Office press gaggle, specifically against the “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, following the strike against a U.S. drone last week. Trump outlined the sanctions on the Ayatollah, as well as Iran at large, saying “We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran,” Trump said. “Never can Iran have a nuclear weapon.”

Waters is a frequent and vocal critic of the Trump administration, and in return, has been a lightning rod for criticism from President Trump and his base of support, including many who host opinion programs on Fox News. Rest assured we will likely be hearing much more about Waters ill-advised tweet in the coming days.

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