Michael Moore on Mattis’ Departure: It’s the First Time I Have Been Frightened in Two Years


Speaking with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Thursday night, filmmaker Michael Moore said if he were Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, he would not have resigned.

He also said the news of Mattis’ departure frightened him, maybe for the first time since Trump took office.

“I was just watching the stuff with Mattis,” Moore said. “I think maybe this is the first time I’ve actually been frightened for the country — frightened — in these almost two years.”

The conversation then turned to Mattis’ resignation letter.

“One of the things I thought very interesting tonight was Jim Mattis’ letter of resignation which had not a word of compliment,” he said.  “Virtually nobody resigns without saying something nice. He didn’t say that. He sort of gave a lesson in what America’s leadership in the world needed to look like.”

Moore then said that the letter was beautiful but it is not what he would have said.

He then added:

If I were him, I would have looked straight into the camera and said, I’m not leaving. I can’t leave. I serve the American people. The purpose of my job is actually not to create war, but peace. The purpose of my job is to make sure that our young men and women who are volunteered to be in the military, which means all the rest of us don’t have to go. They volunteered to go in place of us. They’ve offered to die, if necessary so that you and I don’t have to die. What greater gift could anybody give?

So this volunteer army, this volunteer army is now going to have to be told to do what he wants them to do. And if I were Mattis, I would have said, as the Secretary of Defense, I can’t leave these good soldiers and servicemen — I can’t leave them, and I can’t leave the American people. So I’m not going to resign, because I’m here to defend you, the American people.

Moore then said the person that needs to resign is Trump.

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