Ohio GOP Chair Asks Republican to Resign Over Facebook Post Blaming Drag Queens for Shootings

Ohio GOP Chairwoman Jane Timken is asking for Republican Ohio state representative Candice Keller to step down in the wake of the Dayton mass shooting after a Facebook rant from Keller’s page went viral. The post, which placed blame for shootings on a variety of causes, was ” shocking and utterly unjustifiable,” Timken said.

“While our nation was in utter shock over the acts of violence in El Paso and Dayton, Republican State Representative Candice Keller took to social media to state why she thought these acts were happening,” wrote Chairwoman Timken in a statement released on Monday.

The Facebook rant spread quickly on Sunday and provoked a good deal of outrage from both Democrats and Republicans in the state. In it, Keller blamed the “breakdown of the American family” for mass shootings and gave specific examples of who was to blame for that breakdown.

“After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game. Why not place the blame where it belongs?” she wrote, and listed then where she thought it belongs, including “transgender, homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates” as well as “fatherlessness,” “the ignoring of violent video games,” athletes kneeling during the anthem, marijuana, school policy, and open borders, and more.

She named President Obama as a cause for “disrespect to law enforcement” and Democrats in Congress for being anti-Semitic. She even cited “snowflakes” for not accepting a “duly-elected President.”

“Did I forget anybody?” she wrote. “The list is long. And the fury will continue.”

Keller also replied to her own post in the comments, with some addenda.

“Here’s one I forgot…the continued failure to address opioid addiction and its devastation to the American family,” she wrote in one.

“How could I forget? The continuing of the devaluing of human life through 4,000 abortions a day, which has seeped into the conscience of the nation and made us virtually accept infanticide as the rule of the day,” read another of her additions.

In calling for Keller to resign, Timken said, “the Facebook post “was shocking and utterly unjustifiable. Our nation is reeling from these senseless acts of violence and public servants should be working to bring our communities together, not promoting divisiveness.”

Keller is currently running for state senate. Despite the call and request for it from the state party, she is not under any obligation to resign her seat.

Below: Screenshot of Facebook post taken Tuesday, August 6th.

Featured image source: Facebook screenshot.

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