Video Games

Video Game Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Latest Reveals in Nintendo’s Hotly Anticipated Super Smash Bros.

Watch The Compilation of Brutally Violent Video Games Trump Played at White House Meeting

Russians Released Anti-Clinton Video Game Weeks Before Election, Tracked Players

Twitter Mocks Joe Scarborough for Slamming Millennials ‘Playing Video Games’ Instead of Going to War

This Video Game Parody of Mayweather vs. McGregor is Awesome Until the Weird, Violent Ending

Video Game Lets You Save Lives From Mass Shootings By Using Your Thoughts and Prayers

Give Donald Trump a Heart Transplant In the New Version of Surgeon Simulator

The FEC Questions GOP Rep. About Over $1000 of Campaign Funds Used on Steam Games

Gamer Ted Cruz Claims He’s Reached the 217th Level of Candy Crush

Judge Dismisses Noriega’s Lawsuit Against Call of Duty and Giuliani

Giuliani to Defend Call of Duty Makers Against Manuel Noriega

Mika Brzezinski Wonders if Video Game Makers ‘More Reprehensible’ than Dictator

Imprisoned Dictator Sues over Portrayal in Call of Duty Game

President Obama Has Something to Say About Polish Video Games

Fake Obama Plays First-Person Shooter to Talk Obamacare with Gamers

GOP Proposal Wants R&D Tax Credit for All… Unless You Make Violent Video Games

Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Forget Gun Control, What About Video Game Control?

MSNBC Guest on Violent Video Games: In 1950s, We Blamed Comic Books

Is the Fact Aaron Alexis Played Violent Video Games a Relevant Detail?

Gaming Expert Pat Robertson: ‘Murdering Somebody In Cyberspace’ Is A ‘Virtual Sin,’ Same As Killing Real People

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