Oklahoma Democrat Suggests Mandatory Vasectomies in Response to Restrictive Abortion Law


Oklahoma State Rep. Mickey Dollens (D) floated an idea to other state legislators this week ahead of the passage of HB 4327, which would stand as the most restrictive abortion law in the country if enforced.

The bill comes amidst heated debate around Roe v. Wade following an opinion draft leak from the Supreme Court suggesting the decades-old decision could potentially be overturned this year. If overturned, states could enact their own abortion restrictions.

Oklahoma’s bill bans abortion at the point of conception, leaving only exceptions for rape, incest, or in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

Dollens invited those who were voting for the bill to consider a bill he is thinking of introducing next year, one that would give mandatory vasectomies to young men, promising an eventual reversal when they reach a point of “financial and emotional stability.”

“I would invite you to co-author a bill that I’m considering next year that would mandate that each male when they reach puberty get a mandatory vasectomy that’s only reversible when they reach the point of financial and emotional stability,” Dollens said.

The state representative admitted such a bill was really more to emphasize his criticism of such a “crazy” restrictive abortion law.

“If you think that’s crazy then I think that maybe you understand how 50 percent of Oklahomans feel, as well,” the Democrat said.

Dollens promoted alternate strategies for combating “unwanted pregancies,” including birth control, family planning, higher wages, education, etc.

Dollens suggested the passage of the bill was not a “priority,” but to take advantage of the current political climate ahead of the midterm elections.

“Here we are … second to last week of session, is this really a priority?” he asked. “No, if it was a priority, we would have heard it weeks ago. What this is, is an attempt for cheap political points in a competitive primary.”

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