How to Watch Ohio State vs. Oklahoma College Football Live Stream Online

Frequent Fox Business ‘Expert’ Arrested for Felony Fraud and Embezzlement

‘The Lord Uses All Circumstances’: Lawmaker Responds to Question of If Rape and Incest Are ‘God’s Will’

GOP Senator Defends EPA Cuts: They Are ‘Brainwashing Our Kids’

This Five Year Old Spelling Bee Contestant is Definitely Smarter Than You

GOP Lawmaker Presents Muslim High-Schoolers With Questionnaire Asking if They Beat Their Wives

Oklahoma Newspaper Losing Subscribers and Advertisers in Wake of Hillary Endorsement

Football Player in Surveillance Video of Assault Set to Make Statement

State Rep (Sort Of) Walks Back Facebook Post About Clinton Facing Firing Squad

Pro-Life Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Bill Making Abortions a Felony: It’s ‘So Vague’

OK Lawmakers Introduce Bill Declaring State of Emergency Over… Bathrooms

Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill Allowing Open Carry Without Training

Who Won the Oklahoma Super Tuesday Results?

WATCH: Trump Speaks at Campaign Rally in Millington, TN

WATCH: Trump Speech at Campaign Rally in Bentonville, AR

Trump Confronts Rally Protester Wearing ‘KKK Endorses Trump’ Shirt

WATCH: Trump Speaks at Campaign Rally in Oklahoma City, OK

Burglary Suspect With ‘F*ck Cops’ Face Tattoo Arrested to the Surprise of No One

Oklahoma Mayor’s Husband Dresses in KKK Robes for Halloween ‘Prank’

Ten Commandments Monument Removed from OK State Capitol After Court Order

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