Trump Campaign Reportedly Scrambling to Put Together Iowa Operation, Don Jr. Worried That They’re ‘Running From Behind’


President Donald Trump walks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, early Sunday, June 21, 2020, after stepping off Marine One as he returns from a campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Members and supporters of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign are reportedly worried about his apparent lack of campaign infrastructure in Iowa.

According to NBC News correspondents Dasha Burns and Kathrine Doyle, the campaign is scrambling to fill key positions that “should have been filled six to eight months ago,” according to one Hawkeye state strategist.

From the article:

The 2024 version of Trump has advantages the 2016 version did not, coming into this race as a former president with rabid support among a large portion of his party, instead of starting from scratch as a self-funding outsider.

But the data also show a stark difference between Trump’s 2016 and 2024 campaigns in Iowa.

In the 2016 primary, he called this stretch of the campaign the “summer of Trump” in Iowa. He had visited the state at least 10 times, traveling to Des Moines for his first rally hours after unveiling his campaign at Trump Tower. He returned to the state for a second rally weeks later, stopping in Oskaloosa.

This time around, he has visited just six times, two of those visits being town halls with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Instead, Trump has left it to his campaign to establish a physical presence in the state — and it has been lacking.

“They’re not laying the groundwork well enough to feel secure going into the end of December,” when Trump might have to be away at one of his criminal trials with the Jan. 15 caucuses looming, a source familiar with the campaign said.

“I know there’s an operation. I’m hearing that there’s something going on. But it’s hard to see it,” said a former Trump adviser in Iowa, who added the campaign’s current efforts were cause for concern and may lead to problems down the line. “They have not settled on an approach that works. What will happen is somebody is going to get surprised.”

The two reporters contrasted Trump’s fledgling operation with that of his closest competitor for the Republican nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has invested “major resources and efforts” into the state.

Even Donald Trump Jr. is alarmed by the state of his father’s campaign in Iowa, apparently commenting that it was in need of “an adult in the room” and fretting that “they were running from behind in getting things going” during a conversation with one of Burns and Doyle’s sources.

Trump Jr. denied the report, calling it “100% fake news” and “the last breath of the dying Ron DeSanctimonious campaign.”

Trump finished in second place in the 2016 Iowa Caucus behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who remained Trump’s most enduring opponent through the primary.

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