Trump’s New Acting Attorney General Declared There Was ‘No Collusion’ Between Trump and Russia


President Donald Trump‘s new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker repeatedly denied there was collusion between Trump and Russia and bashed liberals in media appearances on conservative outlets prior to joining the Justice Department.

Whitaker was named acting attorney general after Sessions was forced to hand in his resignation just one day after the midterm election.

Yet prior to getting the role, he apparently had strong feelings about the Russian probe which he shared on right-wing radio.

As The Daily Beast uncovered, Whitaker even went as far as to declare that “the truth” was any collusion never happened.

“The truth is there was no collusion with the Russians and the Trump campaign,” he said in an interview on the Wilkow Majority show, as unearthed by The Daily Beast.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation, which is probing the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, has yet to deliver its findings.

He also pointed fingers at the left.

“There was interference by the Russians into the election, but that is not collusion with the campaign. That’s where the left seems to be just combining those two issues,” he opined in a 2017 gig uploaded to YouTube by the Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust, where he was Executive Director at the time.

He also said this: “The last thing they want right now is the truth to come out, and the fact that there’s not a single piece of evidence that demonstrates that the Trump campaign had any illegal or even improper relationships with the Russians. It’s that simple.”

The Daily Beast also noted that Whitaker’s appearance on a far-right outlet to hit liberals was not isolated.

“The majority of Whitaker’s media appearances focused on the promotion of one argument: Liberals in government are working to undermine Americans in a variety of troubling and unproven ways,” the Beast reported. “And no one is a bigger threat than Mueller.”

Despite being critical of the Russian probe, according to CNN, Whitaker has no intentions of recusing himself from the Mueller investigation.

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