WATCH: Flash Mob Breaks Out in Front of Harvey Weinstein Trial Courthouse, Chants ‘The Rapist is You’



A feminist flash mob appeared outside the courthouse where accused sexual predator and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is being tried, Friday, and chanted, “The rapist is you!”

“The patriarchy is our judge, that imprisons us from birth, and our punishment is the violence you can’t see,” the mob chanted in both English and Spanish, along with, “And it’s not my fault on where I was or how I dressed.”

“He needs to know, because he’s gonna get out, and he’s not gonna have to pay any money for it,” declared one protester in a video posted to Twitter. “And he’ll be fine, and the people who are victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment… are not fine. They don’t get to just walk out and walk into a life of millions, so I hope he hears it and I hope justice is served. Justices for the women who have been victims of his terrible, disgusting behavior.”

The flash mob also demonstrated outside Trump hotel, where they chanted about the president being a “macho rapist.”

Weinstein’s trial for rape and sexual assault started this month, after he was accused by dozens of women during the #MeToo movement in 2017. He is currently facing one charge of raping a woman in a hotel room in 2013, and one charge of forcing another woman to perform oral sex in 2006.

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