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WATCH: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Snaps at Reporters Asking If Coronavirus Officials Threatened to Resign

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio snapped at a reporter on Monday after he asked whether New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot threatened to resign over the coronavirus crisis.

“Mr. Mayor, just a couple of questions. Dr. Barbot, has she threatened to resign?” asked the reporter, prompting de Blasio to snap, “I just answered the question like a minute ago.”

“You called on me. You said ‘Mr. Mayor.’ I don’t understand your question. I was asked the question, ‘Has anyone resigned?’ No. Has anyone threatened to resign? No. Do you want to ask her if she’s resigned or threatened to resign? Feel free,” he continued. “But ask her, don’t ask me. I’m confused by your question.”

As Dr. Barbot then stood at the podium, she declared, “I have no intentions of resigning. I’m very honored to have this position at this time in history, and I am honored to be working with the mayor closely, along with my colleagues, to, again, ensure that we have one goal, which is to slow the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the harm to New Yorkers.”

De Blasio added, “Guys, you can print what the hell you want in the middle of a crisis, but when we tell you it’s false, and we confront you it’s false, it would be really, really nice if you would acknowledge it. This is a crisis. This is not personalities and games. This is a crisis.”

“It did not happen. It just didn’t. It’s like the day a few months ago when someone said I had a lunch with Eric Adams and we came up with a grand plan. We had not even seen each other in person for months and yet it still went into the paper,” he ranted. “I don’t know what you guys think are the right standards, but I would hope you would raise them a bit in the middle of a crisis.”

“We have been discussing decisions every single day. Does everyone agree all the time? No. Are there different factors? Does Health think the same way as Education? No. Guess what, they have different imperatives and we have to make sense of them, for example,” de Blasio concluded. “But no one threatened to resign. Period.”

Reports this week claimed de Blasio’s relationship with Barbot had become “toxic” during the coronavirus crisis and that “at least one deputy commissioner and multiple assistant commissioners in the Health Department warned they would resign over de Blasio’s mismanagement and reluctance to take the advice of doctors in his own administration.”

Watch above via News 12.

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