‘You Are Getting Walloped in the Polls by Donald Trump’: Fox’s Kudlow Excoriates ‘Bogged Down’ DeSantis


Fox Business host and former Trump administration economic adviser Larry Kudlow had some pointed words for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday.

DeSantis is running for the Republican nomination against former President Donald Trump and a host of other candidates. Trump is leading by a wide margin in the polls.

The governor has made his attacks on Disney a centerpiece of his campaign after the company opposed legislation he signed into law last year. Kudlow has repeatedly criticized DeSantis’ fixation on “wokeness” at the expense of “pocketbook issues.”

“I want to comment briefly on Governor Ron DeSantis and his newly-declared candidacy,” Kudlow said to start his monologue. “And in short, I think Mr. DeSantis’s messaging is completely off-key. He’s barking up the wrong trees. He’s getting bogged down in stuff that’s not helping.”

The host cited comments the governor made on Memorial Day slamming the “woke military,” and said he would have been better served to keep his holiday message apolitical.

“All of us should be commemorating, revering, and praying for these souls that protected our country and kept us the greatest country in the history of history,” he said. “That is the message Governor Desantis should’ve communicated this past Memorial Day weekend.”

Kudlow then slammed DeSantis’s opposition to the “superb” debt ceiling deal currently making its way through Congress after Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and President Joe Biden agreed on a framework for raising the limit.

“This is crazy,” he said. “What kind of message is that – turning against the Republican leader and the Republican House? Are you a Republican, Governor DeSantis? Have you thought this through? Have you actually read the bill?”

Kudlow then ripped him over his continued attacks on Disney.

“And finally, Governor DeSantis, you’re still bogged in your legal battle with Disney,” he said. “As important as all that may be, this election is not gonna be about woke, and it’s not gonna be about your ambiguous Covid actions. It’s gonna be about pocketbook issues, kitchen table issues, raising real wages for blue-collar middle-class working folks.”

He added, “I know you’re an all-around smart guy. I also know you just started your official campaign, but you are getting walloped in the polls by Donald Trump because you do not have a Reagan-esque message of peace and prosperity, and it’s time for you to get one if you’re gonna have any kind of shot at the White House.”

Watch above via Fox Business Network.

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