Politico Unfortunately Updates Story to Remove ‘F*cknutsville’ From Headline on Trump Impeachment Sh*tshow


Politico Magazine updated a Friday story on how Donald Trump’s presidency has diminished the gravity of impeachment, as the piece’s headline, which originally read “Just Another Day in Fucknutsville,” was nerfed to remove the explicit expression.

After Politico updated the piece — penned by the outlet’s founding editor John Harris — several hours after it was published, the headline was cleaned up to read, “How Trump Killed the Seriousness of Impeachment.”

It is unclear why the outlet updated the piece, but the original headline citing “fucknutsville” was a reference to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who coined the expression while describing Washington, D.C.’s unhinged political-media culture.

Mediaite reached out to Politico about their motivations for scrapping “fucknutsville” from the headline but the outlet declined to comment.

While writing about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) dramatic decision to launch an impeachment inquiry against the president on Thursday, Harris wrote, “For much of the country, it was just another day in what Rahm Emanuel, when he was Barack Obama’s chief of staff, called the metropolis of ‘Fucknutsville.’ The news may be important, it may be swerving wildly in surprising ways, but never these days is it something that commands reverent attention.”

The Republican National Committee’s rapid response director Steve Guest noticed Politico‘s reformed headline and called the outlet out on Twitter.

However, the original headline was quite popular with reporters. A number of media figures shared the story while praising the Emanuel reference, with some D.C. journalists expressing disappointment over Politico‘s decision to snub “fucknutsville.”


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