Sec of State Pompeo Touts New Commercial Opportunities Presented By … Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice?

Mike Pompeo spoke Monday in Rovaniemi, Finland while attending a meeting of the Arctic Council, an international organization made up of eight Arctic countries and representatives of the indigenous people of the area. The secretary of state raised global eyebrows when instead of lamenting the troubling trend of shrinking sea ice (and rising sea levels which threaten coastal regions with flooding around the world) he touted new commercial opportunities.

That’s right, the climate change that is so concerning to so many appears to be less a concern to Sec. Pompeo than the trade opportunities presented. “Steady reductions in sea ice are opening new passageways and new opportunity for trade. The 24th century, Suez and Panama canals,” Pompeo offered.

The US Global Change Research Program has reported that decreased sea ice directly leads to warmer global water temperatures, which in return lead to greater sea ice melting, adding that  “the loss of ice increases the risk of erosion along coastlines and changes the presence of marine species in certain areas, affecting commercial fish stocks and the economies of some coastal towns.”

But according to Pompeo, who cares? We can ship more directly to coastal harbors, that will potentially be devastated by eventual flooding caused by melting sea ice.

The different perspectives on climate change as a serious issue has never been starker.

Watch a brief clip of his comments above courtesy of CNN.

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