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Limbaugh Claims Media, Drudge Are Exaggerating Hospitalization Rates: You Would Think There’s ‘Not A Single Hospital Bed’ Left

Radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh claimed that the media — including The Drudge Report, whom he called out specifically — are exaggerating hospitalization numbers on his radio show Tuesday in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“One of the things that interests me is the hospitalization numbers,” Limbaugh said. “Because if you look at Drudge, if you look at the drive-by media, you would believe there is not a single hospital bed in this country, right?”

“You have been led to believe that every hospital is overflowing,” the conservative radio host continued. “That dead bodies are in body bags and refrigerated trucks that are being parked off to landfills or whatever. I mean, some of the most incredible reporting I have seen, and it is in New York, it is in Washington D.C., Maryland, the Eastern Seaboard states. There’s just not a hospital bed around, the hospitals are overflowing. If you have to go to a hospital, you may as just well pack it in and die.”

Limbaugh went on to claim that Palm Beach County, where he resides, has only 57 people in the hospital due to the coronavirus. The radio host then began downplaying the outbreak in the state of New York touting it has “field hospitals being built in Central Park and the Mercy Ship that floated in there,” before adding that the media is “clearly trying to create the impression that we don’t have any hospitals.”

He concluded, “So much of this has been politicized, folks, that it’s just impossible anymore to actually find factual truth.”

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show. (h/t Media Matters)

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