Stuart Varney Hails Dave Portnoy as a ‘Genius’ for Provoking ‘Mentally Weak’ Professional Athletes


Less than a week to go before Dave Portnoy and Brooks Koepka face off in a charity golf match, the Barstool founder joined Stuart Varney on Fox Business to verbally attack his opponent. Varney couldn’t get enough of Portnoy’s tactics.

“I’ve never understood golfers,” Portnoy ranted. “I said they’re mentally weak, they are mentally weak. They’re country club kids who didn’t play other sports. But what other sport, Stuart, are you not allowed to make noise in the crowd because they can’t concentrate through it? Like, that is garbage, that’s a mentally weak, that’s not even an athlete.”

“You’re setting this up like the genius that you are,” Varney responded, praising Portnoy for his showmanship and comparing him to a fighter prepping for his opponent. “Do you realize what you’re doing to golf? Do you realize what you’re doing to the whole idea of gentlemanly golf play?”

Portnoy’s claim of pro golfers whining about crowds is substantiated. At the PGA Championship earlier this year, Koepka teed off on fans who stormed the fairway with Phil Mickelson on the verge of winning the major. Koepka’s rival Bryson DeChambeau also regularly battles with fans for being too loud.

“You know, when these guys play like the Ryder Cup they all cry oh the crowds are too loud,” Portnoy said on Varney & Co. “Shut up! That’s what sports is, don’t be a pro athlete if you can’t handle the atmosphere.

“I plan on it being loud,” Portnoy continued of his upcoming charity match with Koepka. “I plan on him having to deal with adversity. All things that he and other golfers can’t deal with. So, I’m not nervous at all.”

The match is scheduled for Sept. 7 at Liberty National, with $25,000 for charity on the line. To even the playing field, Koepka, who plays righty on the PGA Tour, will compete left-handed against Portnoy.

Watch above via Fox Business

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