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FBN Guest Defends Trump’s Putin Presser: ‘Heaven Knows’ He’s ‘Not the Most Articulate Man’

Fox News’ Gasparino Calls ‘BS’ on Trump’s Bashing Media For Anonymous Sources: ‘He Was One of Mine’

Lou Dobbs Calls For Removing ‘Buffoons’ Paul Ryan and McConnell: They ‘Senselessly Obstructed’ Trump

Stuart Varney: If Media Keeps Up ‘Extreme’ Language, They’re Going to Get Somebody Killed

S.E. Cupp Lights Up Maria Bartiromo: ‘An Obsequious, Sycophantic Trump-Supporting Talking Head’

Fox Business Anchor Smears NY Times For Accurately Reporting on Trump’s ‘Animals’ Remark

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump Doesn’t Need to Condemn Roseanne, He’s ‘Denounced Racism Categorically’

WH Spox Responds to De Niro Banning Trump From Nobu: POTUS Will Eat at ‘His Many Properties’ Instead

Fox Business’ McDowell Battles Trump Spox on WH Comms: It’s Been ‘Haphazard and Ham-Handed’

Maria Bartiromo Calls on Mueller to Investigate Hillary Clinton For Russian Collusion

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Says Good Riddance to James Comey: ‘Glad to See Him’ Split From GOP

GOP Sen. Grassley: It Would Be ‘Suicide’ For Trump to Fire Mueller

Larry Kudlow Backs Trump’s War on Amazon: We Need a ‘Level Playing Field’

Lou Dobbs Has Reportedly Participated in WH Policy Meetings Via Speakerphone

Pro-Trump Father of Parkland Victim Makes Stand Against POTUS: ‘You’ve Got to Stop Saying Arm the Teachers’

Nunberg Pal Charles Gasparino Bashes Media For Putting Him on Air Drunk: ‘Not In Right Frame of Mind’

Mike Huckabee Says Billy Graham’s Death is ‘Fake News’: He’s ‘More Alive Today Than’ Ever

Fox Business Network Host Grills Gun Advocate After He Declares: AR-15 is ‘America’s Rifle’

Maria Bartiromo Confronts Paul Ryan on Budget Deal: ‘You Don’t Look Like’ a Deficit Hawk

Howard Kurtz Slams CNN for ‘Cringe-Inducing’ Coverage of Kim Jong-Un’s Sister: ‘Embarrassing’

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