WATCH: LeBron James Mocks Trump Saying He’s Been the Best President for African Americans Other Than Lincoln


NBA star LeBron James could not hold back his laughter after a reporter mentioned that President Donald Trump claimed he’s done more for the Black community than any other president, excluding President Abraham Lincoln.

“President Trump today said that NBA players kneeling during the Nation Anthem is disgraceful and he said that nobody has done more for the Black community than him other than Abraham Lincoln,” a reporter told James.

“Are you trying to make me laugh right now?” James said after chuckling at the reporter’s question. “I appreciate that.”

James then addressed Trump’s threat to stop watching NBA games if the players continued to kneel as a way to peacefully protest racial inequality and police brutality across the U.S.

“I really don’t think the basketball community are sad about losing his viewership, him viewing the game,” James told the reporter. “And that’s all I got to say.”

James continued by highlighting the NBA’s commitment to fighting for what’s right and said he believes true basketball fans recognize and respect that aspect of the sport.

“And I hope everyone, no matter the race, no matter the color, no matter the size, will see what leadership that we have at the top in our country and understand that November is right around the corner and it’s a big moment for us as Americans,” he added. “If we continue to talk about, ‘We want better, we want change,’ we have an opportunity to do that. But the game will go on without his eyes on it. I can sit here and speak for all of us that love the game of basketball: We could care less [sic].”

Watch above, via ESPN.

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