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Abraham Lincoln

Trump at Rally: ‘Polls Are Fake Just Like Everything Else’

Trump Claims He Has Higher GOP Poll Numbers Than Lincoln

Dinesh D’Souza’s Upcoming Pro-Trump Movie Looks Like His Worst One Yet

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Stunned After Guest Compares Hitler and Lincoln

Trump: Besides Lincoln, ‘I Can Be More Presidential Than Any President That Has Ever Held This Office’

NC State Legislator Compares Abraham Lincoln to Hitler on Facebook

Demsplaining: House Democratic Leader Lectures Statue of Abraham Lincoln

Gov LePage Thinks John Lewis Should ‘Thank’ White People For Civil Rights Equality

O’Reilly Defends Clinton’ Right to a Private Persona: ‘How Many Politicians’ Are Sincere?

‘Don’t Laugh…’: Weld Says Gary Johnson Reminds Him of Lincoln

Contested Conventions Are Sexy News Fodder, But They Risk Dangerously Poisoning Democratic Will

Lois Lerner: Lincoln Should’ve Let the South Go Instead of Civil War

Aaron Schock and Abe Lincoln Actually Do Have Something Very Serious in Common

Aaron Schock Compares Himself to Lincoln in Farewell Speech: He Only Served One Term

Hillary Misidentifies Lincoln as Having Once Been ‘Senator from Illinois’

Obama Actually Responds to O’Reilly Saying Lincoln Wouldn’t Have Done Between Two Ferns

When Abraham Lincoln Went on Between Two Ferns

Melissa Harris-Perry: Abraham Lincoln Was ‘My Favorite Kind of Racist’

GOP Lawmaker Falsely Quotes Lincoln, Explains: ‘Seemed Like’ Something He’d Say

Mediaite’s ‘Dead Presidents Draft’: Ideologies Claim Their Leaders

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