Abraham Lincoln

Mitch McConnell Campaign Officially Ends Meme With ‘Harlem Shake’ Video

President Obama Delivers Fair And Balanced Speech At National Prayer Breakfast

Producer Of O’Reilly Book Adaptation: Lincoln Assassin Could Be ‘Poster Child For The Tea Party’

NY Times Opinion Writer: ‘Give Up’ On The ‘Archaic, Idiosyncratic’ And ‘Evil’ Constitution

Chuck Todd: WH Aide Said ‘There Would Still Be Slavery’ If Lincoln Governed During Today’s Gridlock

Ghost Of Christmas Past: Ron Paul Favored Federal Slaveowner Bailout Over Civil War

Ann Coulter: Gingrich’s ‘Outrageous’ Threat To Subpoena Justices Threatens Checks & Balances

Bill O’Reilly: Ford’s Theater Is Selling His Lincoln Book Despite ‘Minor Misstatements’

Conservatives Accuse PBS Of ‘Altering’ Jobs Speech Transcript To Cover Up President Obama Gaffe

The Real Truth About Gov. Rick Perry And Secession

Gallup Poll: Americans Rank Reagan, Lincoln, Clinton As Greatest Presidents

Mary Matalin: Tea Party Express Mark Williams Is A ‘Crackpot’ With ‘No Influence’

Tea Party Express Leader’s ‘Colored People’ Letter to Lincoln Draws Fire

GOP Congressional Candidate Rick Barber’s New Ad Tells Us Slavery Still Exists

Donald Trump Attacks Gore, Makes Mika Uncomfortable On Morning Joe

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer!

Time Ranks The Presidents You Probably Forgot To Celebrate Today

Bill O’Reilly To Write Abraham Lincoln Biography

COVER WARS: Abraham Lincoln is the New MJ

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