Plane Crashes After Apparently Being Stolen from Sea-Tac Airport

WATCH: Passenger Gives Harrowing Account of Southwest Flight Engine Explosion That Left One Dead

United CEO in Statement: ‘I Apologize for Having to Re-Accommodate These Customers’

Terrifying Video Shows The Moment Harrison Ford Almost Hit Another Plane

A Plane Made an Emergency Landing After Hitting a Deer During Takeoff

Harrison Ford is Being Investigated After an Incident With a Boeing 737

Pilot Shuts Down Passengers in Election-Related Fight Over Intercom: ‘There’s Another Flight Tomorrow’

Pence Campaign Plane Skidded Off the Runway at LaGuardia

CNN Guest Can’t Contain His Laughter at Katrina Pierson’s Trump Defense

U.S., Chinese Officials Get Into a Spat on Tarmac After Obama’s Plane Lands

Economist Scribbling Math Equations on a Plane Gets Profiled and Interrogated

Flight Attendant Peaces Out of Packed Plane by Deploying Emergency Slide

Explosion Rips Hole in Airliner, Passenger Ejected in Mid-Air

Passenger Plane Catches Fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Airplane! Director’s Attempt to Satirize Iran Deal Is Laughably Bad

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Loses Contact with Traffic Control on Route to Singapore

Airline Exec Resigns After Yelling on Plane over a Bag of Nuts

Virgin Flight Diverted After Passenger Found Furiously Masturbating

Third Time’s the Harm: Yet Another Plane Diverted over Legroom Fight

Another Flight Diverted in the Great Airplane Seat Reclining War of 2014

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